5 Alien Minds ePUB by C. Y. Croc


5 Alien Minds ePUB by C. Y. Croc
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C. Y. Croc
November 12, 2022
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5 Alien Minds ePUB by C. Y. Croc

Who would fly across a galaxy pursuing love with aliens? 5 human women, that’s who!

Ava: I’m about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime.
Out of billions on Earth, four other women and I have been chosen to be the first ever women to be matched to an alien.
We are about to cross the universe to meet alien mates chosen for them in an intergalactic match making scheme agreed by Earth with Vysarians, in exchange for their intellectual knowledge.
Only things don’t go quite to plan.
As we are entering Planet Vysarian’s atmosphere, something hits our ship.

We all escape in our individual emergency pods, but that’s just the beginning of our battle to survive.
I’m the first to meet the planet’s inhabitants, but the extraterrestrial I meet looks nothing like the grainy photos of the handsome alien that were shown to me.
Is this her dream, or a nightmare?

Aphis: My brothers and I crashed onto our neighbouring planet, Vysaria.
Only, Vysaria is no longer only inhabited by Vysarians. My brothers and I were captured by the cannibal species, Badligons.
I escaped, but I have just days to find a buried capsule and free my brothers before they are eaten.
But I discover a female instead.
I’m shocked. Females are rarer than gems.
What’s even more astonishing is, she said she travelled here with four more females.
I’ve promised to help her if she helps me find the capsule.
That is, if I can concentrate on the job at hand, because she’s captivating.