A Bossy Affair by Ember Kelly (ePUB)

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A Bossy Affair by Ember Kelly (ePUB)

Hunter Erickson is taking over the world, one business at a time. Making his name as one of the Billionaire elite in Boston, he revels in the game, and the victory of his spoils. But when his new assistant Julia absolutely rocks his world, he finds himself struggling to keep things professional. When it all explodes, will he lose everything? Or will he conquer like he always does?

Julia McGrath came home under the worst circumstances. Her family’s pub half burned and her father died in the fire, leaving Julia, her sister, and her mother struggling to keep things afloat. But Julia doesn’t want to be behind a bar for the rest of her life, and after scoring a sweet administrative assistant gig, it looks like she might escape the life of monotony and help her family get back on their feet. The only issue is the devastatingly handsome and brutish boss she works for. When tensions boil over, and they fall into each other’s arms, will she be able to keep things cool and save her family’s pub? Or will her heart betray her and leave her stuck slinging drinks in a Southie bar for the rest of her life?

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