A Devil of a Time by Jayce Carter (ePUB)

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A Devil of a Time by Jayce Carter (ePUB)


Book one in The Devil’ s Luck series

Demons don’ t hide under my bed— they crawl into it.

Selling my soul to save the life of my ingrate ex-boyfriend was the final nail in my coffin of bad decisions. It won me a painful death, a thankless job as an errand girl and landed me in the Chasm— a violent and dangerous part of the afterlife.

And as if dying wasn’ t bad enough, I now have the attention of the four Demon Lords who run the Chasm— Gorrin, the man who owns my soul, Tyrus, a brilliant and ruthless mobster, Yazmor, who lives as if everything is a joke and Hale, an unpredictable and violent loner.

My unhappy little rut is shattered when I’ m tasked with taking the soul of an innocent teenage girl. Finding another option will require facing my past and outsmarting the most powerful beings in existence. If I thought the Demon Lords were intimidating as lovers, that’ s nothing compared to having them as enemies.

At least the afterlife isn’ t boring…

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