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Karina Espinosa
August 11, 2022
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Download A Hint of Delirium Free ePUB by Karina Espinosa

How does one certifiable human survive the Fae?
One dose at a time.
My name is Violet, and I am crazy.
Schizophrenic, to be exact. I see creatures no one else does. Even with medication, there’s no escaping the insanity, so I lie and say I don’t see them.
Until one night, my hot-as-sin customer is one of these said creatures and tries to skip on the bill. Instead of being a hero for stopping a crime, I get fired.
I should’ve kept my mouth shut because now my customer is stalking me. I should’ve called the cops, except he tells me the one thing I’m desperate to hear—you’re not crazy.
Ansel, a Seelie High Fae, says I can see the world no other human can. The more I learn about the Fae, the more questions pile up. Even more troubling is when I catch the attention of the Unseelie, the vicious and ruthless court, and they want me.
Trapped, desperate, and scared, if I am to survive this world, I’ll need to find out the truth about myself, and gather allies in the least likely of places.
The question is: can I trust any of this, or is this another hint of delirium?

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