A House of Midnight by Hailey S. Dawnns (ePUB)

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A House of Midnight by Hailey S. Dawnns (ePUB)

In the depths of midnight, where thrill and tragedy collide.
An anti-fairytale, of betrayal and sacrifice.

Nothing will stop Avatra from changing the dark course of her so-far miserable existence. Not even Azriel… the fae prince, her keeper, and the only idea she has of a friend–whose attempts to help her have only proven faulty.

If the prince doesn’t save her, she’ll have to save herself.

Avatra has always been haunted by the night. She lives a life of isolation, hiding from the village folk in a land cursed by darkness. Under the red moon, the beasts roam abroad, lurking in the darkwood for bodies to drain and bones to gnaw.
When the holes in Avatra’s memory drive her to desperation, she finds herself beyond the darkwood and in turmoil worse than ever before. But when she’s rescued by a prince, he claims her blood is the key to the curse and that her nightmares are very real. Now she owes the king a grand debt.
A curse-breaking debt.

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