A Mafia Hand Juno ePUB by Shilo West


A Mafia Hand Juno ePUB by Shilo West
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Shilo West
January 1, 2023
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A Mafia Hand Juno ePUB by Shilo West

I tried not to look at him again…Not today, you caramel sundae of a man, I thought to myself.

He’d been a thorn in my side all night. He was pretty enough to look at, but I wasn’t in the mood for nonsense, and this guy couldn’t help himself. And I was having to spend way too much of my time focusing on how to keep my thoughts from wandering back to the dimple in his chin.

But I could feel his eyes, they were fixated upon me.

Fortunately for me, after years in casinos, country clubs, dive bars, and back-room card games up and down the east coast before making my way to Vegas, I had learned a thing or two, or four or five, about how to keep track of all the eyes at a card table.

And this tournament has no room for distractions. This tournament is my prison break. My ticket out of a life I never meant to have. Unfortunately, in a spit second, things took a bad turn…I saw Mitchell’s men.

Mitchell Byron, known to the world as the mysterious inventor, entrepreneur, and tech billionaire XK3M has been hunting me since the day I left. And he’s a lot more dangerous than betting big bucks on some high stake’s poker game.

Now I’m betting for my life…

*Note from author: This is book one of the High Stakes Series and ends in a cliff hanger. Also, mature content.*

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