A Match For Korban ePUB by Lynne Lanning


A Match For Korban ePUB by Lynne Lanning
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Lynne Lanning
January 2, 2023
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A Match For Korban ePUB by Lynne Lanning

He didn’t want a wife, but his girls needed a ma.
She wanted to travel but was destitute.
Eddy (Edwina) needs a rich man to share her love
of adventure; children are not part of the deal.
Korban desperately needs a mother for his five-
year-old twin daughters.

When a shocking mix-up has them married,
sparks and tempers fly. Korban makes a deal
with Eddy to try his way of life, promising she can leave if she’s still unhappy.

As they grow to admire and respect each other, jealousy, pride and deception drive them apart, with neither admitting they had fallen in love.

Eddy makes her decision; she’s leaving…

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