A Princess of Vision by Jen Lynning (ePUB)

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A Princess of Vision by Jen Lynning (ePUB)

When the scales tilt, kingdoms teeter. Hearts falter. And change is inevitable.

Princess Josyn is excited to return home after years abroad. She rejoices in the chance to tackle the fractious council and treasonous plots threatening her brother, the king. But his enemies don’t hesitate to invoke a spell-prayer to strike her blind. Even with a new sense to Balance the loss of her sight, Josyn will need help from an old friend to navigate the court.

As a Beast, Aevin’s heightened senses and instincts are Balanced by the inability to suppress natural impulses. Knowing the effect Josyn has on him, he has avoided the princess on her visits home for years rather than risk losing control. But now she is back in Lyr for good, and his best friend, King Germein, has asked him to serve as her escort and bodyguard.

Josyn doesn’t know why Aevin pushed her away years ago. She is determined not to let him hurt her again, but it is hard to deny their attraction once their lives are entwined. As dangers mount and trust regrows, can they move beyond the past and make their own future?
***This is a full length novel set in The Great Balance World. It is steamy with a HEA and no cliffhangers.

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