Air’s Caress by Ivy Jack (ePUB)

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Air’s Caress by Ivy Jack (ePUB)

“Loving you is like breathing. I can’t stop.”

Avani arrives in Kel with one goal – pretend to like the Prince in hopes he will help protect her people from the evil Sodon and his growing army. But she quickly realizes she’s playing a dangerous game with the Prince who will do anything to get what he wants, no matter how inappropriate.

To complicate matters, the Prince’s best friend happens to be Bayu, Flint’s brother and air elemental. And no matter how many times she tries to tell herself that it’s impossible to love another man, her heart and body feel otherwise and demand satisfaction.

While trying to control her body’s desires for Bayu, she knows she must prevent the Prince from becoming King. This puts her in a deadly situation where she must choose the impossible. If she can’t, the lives of people in both kingdoms could be lost.


Bayu doesn’t want to believe that his fated mate has returned to him, yet he can’t deny his intense attraction toward the Princess of Loreen. Thoughts of touching her, kissing her, claiming her consumes him, making even sleep impossible. That’s why when Avani insists he trains her to control air magic, he jumps at the opportunity to get closer to her.

This closeness makes his love grow even stronger, and he realizes that he and his brothers have a real chance at being happy again. But, to do this, they must unite with Avani, their fifth element, to finally destroy Sodon. It’s the only they can find peace and joy again.

Too bad Sodon is one step ahead of them.

In Air’s Caress, readers meet Bayu, one of four powerful and sexy elemental brothers. Start this full-length, reverse harem fantasy series today and read about these men who train our heroine to master the universe’s elements while all learning to open their hearts to love again.

This book is rated 18+ for steamy scenes and some violence and language. Enjoy!

Book one: Earth’s Touch
Book two: Air’s Caress
Book three: Water’s Torture
Book four: Fire’s Kiss

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