Alien Billionaire’s Fake Girlfriend by Ami Wright (ePUB)

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Alien Billionaire’s Fake Girlfriend by Ami Wright (ePUB)

KNOT dating the bad boy alien billionaire.

Mirra’s friend Cassie has a hot new polar bear alien boyfriend and Mirra can’t help but be jealous. So when Cassie offers to introduce Mirra to her boyfriend’s gorgeous billionaire friend, she jumps at the chance.
Mirra doesn’t even need Lennox to send her into heat. She’s already burning for him. And burning with curiosity to find out if everything her friend says about Ximian biology is true! Too bad this gorgeous alien is only interested in a fake girlfriend. Should she risk her heart playing games with the bad boy alien billionaire?
Lennox lives by a set of rules designed to make sure he never turns into a brokenhearted sap like his father. Rule number one: don’t fall in love. When his father tries to set up an arranged match for him, he’s looking for any way to avoid it. He comes up with the perfect scheme: Fake date a human woman to make his father think he’s finally fallen in love.
The problem is, when he hires Mirra as his fake girlfriend, all his rules go out the airlock. All he can think about is sending her into heat and showing her why Ximians do it better. The longer he spends with Mirra, the more he starts to worry he might be about to break the most important rule of all.

This rags to riches billionaire alien romance contains explicit language and content that is intended for an adult audience! Each book in this series has a new couple and a HEA. If you like growly, possessive polar bear aliens who are really teddy bears for their ladies, this series is for you. Please check my website for content warnings.

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