All or Nothing by Miranda Sapphire (ePUB)

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All or Nothing by Miranda Sapphire (ePUB)

As far as I’m concerned, hell is being stuck at a soul-sucking retail job while your mom insists you go to nursing school and get back with your toxic ex. All I want to do is write about people falling in love and nurse my poor broken heart in peace. I definitely need a vacation…but getting abducted by aliens wasn’t what I had in mind. Although, when a smoking-hot green dude with horns buys me to set me free, I realize that maybe this is my chance to turn this catastrophe into a blast-trophe and live out my own alien romance…

I can’t take it anymore—I’m so lonely and miserable that I’m willing to break every hygiene law on Billieu to hire some company for the night. But I should have known I was too stupid to handle even that. Instead, I find myself the sweaty, anxious owner of five female slaves, my entire savings account cleared out to rescue them from a fate worse than death. All I wanted was to free them, but when the soft, gentle human in the group asks to stay with me and help me get back on my feet, I can’t say no…

Joss and Xollen have a lot of work to do to get their new life as roommates up and running smoothly. There’s getting Joss set up as a citizen of an alien civilization, finding a new place to live, navigating how to work together, dodging Xollen’s terrible parents, and figuring out if the attraction they feel for each other is just that…or something more.

Will finding each other prove to be a dream come true, or a nightmare they can’t wake up from?

Content Warnings: slavery, abduction, mentions of fatphobia and racism, narcissistic parents, toxic relationships, manipulation and emotional abuse, mention of homelessness and housing insecurity, discussion of poverty, graphic sex scenes.

Tropes: alien abductions, human women facing enslavement by aliens, alien peen/”what that dick do?”, MMC with anxiety, “get your ass to therapy” (and he does!), culture shock/fish out of water, hygiene laws, roommates.

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