All Your Colors ePUB by Kylie R. Trask


All Your Colors ePUB by Kylie R. Trask
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Kylie R. Trask
January 2, 2023
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All Your Colors ePUB by Kylie R. Trask

Marlee Firth-Diaz has always been able to achieve anything she put her mind to. Out to prove herself to a talent scout, she puts her entire soul into directing the college’s Beauty and the Beast performance. Her ambition is next to none, and her plan is flawless. Except for him.

Jericho Byers: an art student who cares more about creating his vision than his grades. He could be described as Marlee’s opposite. But they are more alike than either of them cares to see.

Roped into helping with set design, he and the director butt heads. Marlee thinks he is lazy. Jericho thinks she is a control freak. But as the preparations for the play continue, and Jericho is somehow pulled into Marlee’s friend group, their notions about each other fade away to reveal their many colors . . . and a whole lot of chemistry.

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