Allegiance by Morgan Kelley (Epub)

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Allegiance by Morgan Kelley (Epub)

(Warning: Mercenaries doing bad things, sexy men rough and raw, language and sexual situations. M/F and M/M)
Book 12 in the Hunter Mercenary Series.


loyalty or commitment of a subordinate to a superior or of an individual to a group or cause.


It’s been three months, and The Hunters are no closer to finding the man who has gotten away. They are struggling to locate Chevy, in hopes to get back the women who he’s sent out as his collateral damage.
And it’s been a struggle.

While they have a new home base, and Chartres is repaired, Dakota…is not.
He’s still a mess, and with each passing day, they worry that they are one closer to him walking away and making the biggest mistake of his life.

Then, he finds out the truth.
He’s going to be a father, and that changes everything. Will he be able to accept that Fate, and a little Voodoo help, has changed his path forever?

Or will he be the same old Dakota?
And Angry.

As they close in on Chevy, they are going to have to put their faith in a man who has already sworn he’s out of there. To The Hunters, one thing and only one thing matters.

Now, the question is…
Do they have his?
Or is Dakota Rakin so far gone that nothing can save his soul?

It looks like they are about to get that answer.
When the men find themselves in a predicament that can cost them their lives, it’s time to discover what The Hunters are made of before their time runs out.

As usual, New Orleans isn’t a picnic.

It’s a death sentence.

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