Alter Arlo by Nordika Night (ePUB)


Alter Arlo by Nordika Night (ePUB)
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Nordika Night
January 24, 2023
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War is coming, but no one knows who the enemy is.

In an ungoverned portion of the world after, three communities are on edge. Ruthless, damaged, and dangerous, Cadoc and Zade become reluctant allies to stay alive long enough to keep old promises and get the truth. The questions they ask get answers they weren’t prepared for, but lust, attraction, and new types of love trump their fears and spark new hope.
Arlo Thorne might be the name most feared, but he’s not the only threat.

A stalker who speaks in riddles.
A germaphobe living in a dirty world.
A madman with bloody hands.

Three leaders at war.
Cadoc and Zade have ties to them all.
Who will come out the other side and who is the real enemy?

Alter Arlo is an MM dark romance with psychological themes, a dystopian setting, and adult content. Check the warning at the beginning of the book. Standalone novel.

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