Aries by Ryan T. Osborn, Minette Moreau (ePUB)

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Aries by Ryan T. Osborn, Minette Moreau (ePUB)

There are plenty of perks that come with being the Master of any Zodiac guild.

A magical sword that grants the holder control over fire wasn’t a perk Hawk was expecting, however. Nor was he expecting to be thrust into a situation where he’d be forced to defend his closest friend from a criminal organization hellbent on his destruction.

The more time they spend on the run, the harder it is for Hawk to fight the attraction he’s hidden for years. But once he gets Prophet on his knees for the first time, he knows he’ll stop at nothing to protect him.

Even if means putting his own life on the line and going up against a ruthless assassin determined to rip the only man he’s ever loved from his arms.

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