Ashes ePUB by Emeline Quill


Ashes ePUB by Emeline Quill
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Emeline Quill
December 31, 2022
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Ashes ePUB by Emeline Quill

“For months it had felt like I was balancing a ginormous platter of fruit on my head, and trying to keep it from spilling was a dance. I’d have to take three steps one way before jumping back and sliding to the other. The burden was compounded by the fact that it felt like someone was adding fruit to the platter daily, but then when when it all went to hell, it was like the platter snapped in half and all of the fruit went in a million directions. I knew there was no way I’d ever be able to find all the pieces, let alone get them back on a new platter. Pieces of fruit were going to have to be left behind. One would think that having all that weight lifted at once would make me feel an enormous sense of relief, but all I was feeling was my muscles shaking from exhaustion and a splitting headache from so much sitting on my fucking head for so long.

So that morning, when I gazed out of the cloudy window in that sweltering room watching a new day begin, feeling wholeheartedly like a new chapter had started for myself, I decided that I wasn’t going to let anyone else read it. I was going to find myself. I was going to heal myself. I was only going to pick up the pieces of fruit that I wanted to be a part of me and thank and dispose of the pieces that no longer belonged.”

After her life implodes, Millie Clare moves to Minnesota to grieve and rebuild. There, Millie must shift through the ashes left from her and Adam before she able to find out who she is, what she wants, and who is worthy of her love.

Ashes is realistic new adult fictional romance book written in a time hop style in which we follow Millie in her early twenties and features explicit 18+ scenes intended for mature audiences only. A full list of triggers is available on our website.

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