Auctioned to the Fae King by Lyra Atlas (Epub)

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Auctioned to the Fae King by Lyra Atlas (Epub)

I was auctioned for my virginity. The bad, new king bought me.
I’m a human born to fae parents. It means I’m an outcast.
But it doesn’t mean that I will submit to my new owner.
I will fight him at every turn…until I find out he’s gotten me pregnant…

I’m the lowest creature on this dark island.
I expect the castle to be as evil as what I’m used to.
But the king’s court is nothing like what I’ve experienced before.
And the bad king himself? That’s a whole different story.

He thinks mating rituals should bring pleasure, not pain.
He thinks outcasts are to be protected, not sacrificed.
I don’t believe him, he bid on me after all.
But his touch makes me dizzy, and my belly is growing.

Can I let the fae king own me for real?

The Kings of the Fae Islands are possessive alpha males who know exactly what they want. They will do what it takes to get their way, which is to bend fate as they please and claim their mates in body and soul.

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