Authentic Imposter by Hazel Jonas (Epub)

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Authentic Imposter by Hazel Jonas (Epub)

An alien with extra features broke my heart. Now I want revenge.

It took me too long to put the pieces together. That selfish rat faked his death and skipped town, leaving me behind to build a new life within a shattered crime family.

I was desperate for retribution. My plan was virtually perfect! But who would have guessed the cranky alien doesn’t appreciate being one-upped and has other plans that include a cabin in the middle of nowhere?

Despite Silver’s anger towards me, I can’t shake the feeling that he is trying to protect me from secrets about my past. I’m uncertain I’m ready for the truth.

Silver promises to take me home. Eventually.

Too bad the new leader of the Syndicate doesn’t care what Silver wants. The boss uncovered an even deadlier secret than my own and he demands Silver be the one to atone for it.

Authentic Imposter is a dark, alien romance and cannot be read as a standalone (book 2 of 2). This book ends with a happily ever after. It also contains themes and elements that some may find disturbing. It is intended for adult audiences. Please see the author’s website for a more detailed list of themes.

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