Baby For The Brundle Commander by Aurelia Skye, Juno Wells (ePUB)

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Baby For The Brundle Commander by Aurelia Skye, Juno Wells (ePUB)

Brighton hoped for a permanent match, but her alien barely notices she’s alive.
Brighton has been impatiently waiting to be matched after her friends found happy endings with their alien mates. She’s assigned as the proxy for brundle commander Dantel Oleig, but despite her high hopes, he barely notices her existence. She doesn’t understand why he claimed her if he doesn’t want a child or the possibility of a mate. The enigmatic warrior is frustrating, and it takes a catastrophe to get Dantel to open to her. Can understanding what drives him lead to a second chance, or is he too consumed with his mission for Brighton to ever reach him?

Seven years ago, the Faction agreed to save Earth from the Vorathan invasion in exchange for Earth women giving them one year of proxy rights to act as a surrogate, since the aliens of the Faction faced a dwindling population. With the Vorathans feared throughout the galaxy as bloodthirsty, vicious marauders, the Earth’s government agreed.

That doesn’t mean the women did.

Sometimes, you want to read about the entire alien empire and all its myriad twists and turns, immersing yourself in hundreds of pages of intrigue. And sometimes, you want to skip the frills and get to the main event. Juno and Aurelia are pleased to bring you a series of short, steamy romances about untouched human women making babies with their truly alien mates.

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