Baby’s Team by Janie Marie (epub)

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Baby’s Team by Janie Marie (epub)

The steamy, drama-filled conclusion to the Jane’s Team duology is here!
Baby’s Team – Jane’s Team #2

When you have four boyfriends, life is complicated.
When your birth control fails and you learn your boyfriends have been keeping deadly secrets, forget complicated—life is bound to turn upside down.

None of Jane’s pregnancy books contain chapters about breakups, kinky sex, or murder. She’ll have to figure things out along the way, and it won’t always be pretty. After all, there’s a reason her soon-to-be baby daddy calls her the most dangerous creature.

Jane has a monster—well . . . monsters—wrapped around her little finger. They’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe and anything to see her smile.

So when threats are aimed at her and their unborn baby, Jane’s vengeful heart will have no problem unleashing her demons onto their enemies.

Tears and blood will mix with surprises, laughter, and screams of ecstasy as Jane’s Team counts down to her delivery day.

Long live the Queen and her Kings.

All hail Baby’s Team.

*Book 2 in the Jane’s Team Duology disclaimers (may not include all triggering content): MFM why choose, Stepbrother romance, Primal kink, Consensual Non-Consent, Sleep kink, Exhibitionism, Breath play, Edge play, Bondage, pregnancy, pregnancy sex, mentions of SA/CSA, Violence, MM(not within harem), Strong language, blood & gore, delivery trauma, Trafficking/ VENGEANCE, mentions of missing & m*rdered Indigenous Peoples.
*A portion of royalties from this title will be donated to Indigenous (North America) organizations

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