Ballad of the King by N.B. Saltsman (ePUB)

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Ballad of the King by N.B. Saltsman (ePUB)

Dr. Kayla Winslow abandoned all hopes of normalcy long ago. Hunted by the harpy queen and caught in the deadly crosshairs of the vengeful Herman Christenson, she has grown accustomed to her constant state of mortal peril. But when the harpy, Lilith, turns the City of Boston into the battlefield for her rebellion against Hell, Kayla refuses to hide safely behind the shield of Lucifer’s magic. While she cannot hope to assist Lucifer in combat, years of research and study have taught her that true power comes not from might but from knowledge. Using her unique position to gather intel on Lucifer’s enemies, what Kayla uncovers may be the deciding factor in who emerges victorious. That is, if she can dodge her increasingly suspicious boyfriend and sister, who remain blissfully ignorant of the world of devils walking amongst them…

All the while, things are looking grim for Lucifer. The Harpy’s Rebellion is leaving hundreds of innocents dead, and the Celestial Army is preparing for a full-scale war. Flooded with devils and Hell Souls alike, Boston’s death toll is doubling by the day, and Lucifer’s army is stretched too thin to protect the terrified humans. His only hopes of winning lie with his Council of Masters, a pantheon of powerful devils sworn to fight by his side. But how to best utilize them without devastating collateral damage is another matter altogether…

Torn between aiding his fallen brother and fighting for the Celestial Army, the archangel Raphael wants desperately to honor his vow to defend humanity. But for the first time in millennia, he is at a loss. Minimizing innocent bloodshed will mark him as a traitor. Turning a blind eye to their suffering burns him hotter than Hellfire. War leaves him with no good choices, and yet a choice must always be made…

A war may have victors, but never winners. And no side is emerging from this nightmare unscathed.
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