Bash Wolf Warriors MC Free ePUB by K.C. Mills

Bash Wolf Warriors MC Free ePUB by K.C. Mills
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October 23, 2022
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Bash Wolf Warriors MC Free ePUB by K.C. Mills

Author KC Mills penned her first novel in July 2015. In the past six years since being published, she has solidified a her career as a number one best-seller celebrated the honor of being a recipient of Rolling Out Magazines Sisters With Super Powers award, spoken on an Essence Panel, as a guest of Love Freedom Movement in 2019 to share her personal journey to being a Number One Best-seller author. Mills was also a guest on Sister Circle where she was celebrated for her accomplishments and able to share her experiences and success with the hopes of inspiring others.

One of her many talents is the ability to move between multiple genres and fully execute stories which are whole, realistic and heart-warming that leave readers wanting more. Her soul tends to feel at home with contemporary adult romance and urban fiction novels. To date, she has over one hundred titles, thirty-seven of which were published independently since 2015. Mills’ goal as an author is to craft Romance with an Edge that displays love in all shades of brown, with beautifully flawed humans that deserves to find their happily ever after.

Bash & Cambri

“If you’re going to give your heart to someone, make sure they’re a rider.”
-Wolf Warriors MC