Beautifully Damaged by Charity Parkerson (ePUB)


Beautifully Damaged by Charity Parkerson (ePUB)
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Charity Parkerson
January 23, 2023
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A volatile rock star. The roadie who’s done with him. Two weeks alone. What could go wrong?

Three years ago, Ben left his job as a roadie for a popular metal band, Cosmic Nightmare, with no plans to ever look back. Those years of traveling with the band—especially frontman Joey Kickstart—were some of the best and worst of his life. Then Joey ruined everything for Ben. Now Joey needs a place to hide from the press and Ben is stuck with him. No good can come of this.
When Ben walked away from Joey three years ago, Joey let him go. Now Joey has a chance to relive those heated nights with Ben. First, he must get past Ben’s hatred. Then he has to stop doing the thing that drove Ben away the first time. He’s not sure either of those feats are possible. Joey has two weeks to find out.

Beautifully Damaged is the prequel to bestselling author Charity Parkerson’s series, Candied Crush, where the men are like candy—rich, irresistible, and bad for your health.

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