Beautifully Vulnerable by MJ Masucci (epub)

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Beautifully Vulnerable by MJ Masucci (epub)

Betrayal. Loss. Revenge. Forgiveness.


They’re all responsible. I loved her and she betrayed me. Now I have a chance to exact my revenge for all parties involved, except I can’t deny my feelings once I see her again.

As much as I tell myself I should hate her, I know my anger is misdirected. She did what she needed to do for her survival and I did what I needed for mine.

I love her but there are so many obstacles for us to overcome before we can get back to loving each other.


I spent the past four years broken thanks to a decision I never should’ve made. I tried to move on but he’s always in my head.

I knew our paths would cross again and when they did, I got a dose of reality. I know I must make it right because I can’t live without him.

But when I fulfill a request for him, I find his entire life is a lie and hold the secret while I try to figure out how to tell him. However, I’m not the only one with a secret and once all is revealed, any future we thought we would have together is put in jeopardy.

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