Beauty from the Beast Free ePUB by Sarah Beran


Beauty from the Beast Free ePUB by Sarah Beran
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Sarah Beran
October 29, 2022
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Beauty from the Beast Free ePUB by Sarah Beran

Inspired by Beauty and the Beast and East of the Sun, West of the Moon…

He’s become a beast.

She was a sleeping beauty.

Princess Talia has finally awoken after a 100-year sleep caused by a curse cast by her mother, Queen Morrigan. She wakes to find herself in a world completely different than the one she knew, and set to inherit the crown of a country she no longer recognizes. Shadows of the curse remain, and Talia finds herself in a recurring battle against the evil within.

While on a diplomatic visit to the neighboring country of Montaigne, Talia seeks a respite from the politics and ever-watchful eyes of the court and breaks into what she thought was an abandoned tower. Instead of an empty room, she discovers the space occupied by a charming, dangerously handsome rogue…and an impressive collection of books.

The devilishly charming man is none other than Captain Pierre Lesard, the notorious pirate who is currently imprisoned as a punishment for his many crimes. Though his dark past haunts him, a tenuous friendship forms between the two. When Talia finds herself taken by the evil witch Carabosse in a final bid for power, Lesard is the only one who can find the witch’s castle and rescue her.

Lesard has three days until the last rose petals fall and Talia is lost forever. In order to save her, he will have to work together with those he has wronged, proving that he has truly left his past ways behind. When the end comes, a final sacrifice must be made, and Talia and Lesard discover whether or not true love is strong enough to bring beauty from the beast.

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