Beg For It ePUB by Alexis Winter


Beg For It ePUB by Alexis Winter
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Alexis Winter
November 6, 2022
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Beg For It ePUB by Alexis Winter

You know that feeling—the one where you tell yourself it’s a terrible idea but you know you’re going to do it anyway?
Even though you know that this man isn’t just your father’s best friend who’s twenty years your senior…he’s your new boss.

I’m the good girl that’s always done the right thing and yet here I am, fresh out of grad school feeling directionless in life and love.
So at the suggestion of my once estranged billionaire father, I agree to an interview at his best friend’s company.

The moment I step into Beckham Archer’s office, I recognize “Mr. Daddy Issues.”
The mysterious, older man I shamelessly flirted with only a few nights ago…the same man who left my number in a crumpled ball on the bar top before disappearing.

The power he possesses drives me absolutely wild, making me want to cross the boundaries he demanded we put into place.

Soon, I’m kneeling before him as he shows me all the ways a man should please me.
Dominating me.
Controlling me.
Allowing me how to let go under his command but with one caveat…he’s not my happily ever after.

“I won’t cuddle you or hold you or kiss you good night. All I can offer you is a fantasy.”

But no amount of warnings that he’s the wicked man who will break my heart can scare me away.
No amount of reminders that he’s old enough to be my father can deter me from wanting him.

I realize there’s more to this man than a billion dollar empire and a wall around his heart.
He listens to me, offering to mentor me and providing me the guidance I lacked in my childhood.

As hard as I try to keep my heart out of it, the harder I fall.
I want more than the fantasy…I want it all, even at the risk of losing everything.

But our little secret doesn’t stay quiet for long and soon, my father finding out is the least of my worries…it’s the secret that Beckham’s been hiding from me.

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