Betting on the Boy Next Door by Melanie Jacobson (ePUB)

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Betting on the Boy Next Door by Melanie Jacobson (ePUB)

Make one stupid bet and suddenly you’re fake dating your hot new neighbor . . .

I’m a nurse moonlighting as the lead singer in a local rock band—a secret I don’t even tell my best friends and roommates. So when one of them—Ruby—gets it into her head to find me a man, I can’t explain that I really don’t have time for her matchmaking. Ruby turns it into a bet to make sure I go along with it, but it doesn’t matter. My ex taught me the most important thing about men: you can’t count on them.

When Ruby picks the worst possible guy for me, I know I’ve got this in the bag. Sure, our brand-new neighbor, Josh, is hot, but he’s the privileged scion of an Austin family whose money is so old, it’s dusty. Been there, done that, and I’m not going back.

The thing is, Josh isn’t easy to shake, especially not after he discovers my rock ‘n’ roll identity.

With the help of a fake dating scheme, a cursing parrot, and our late-night balcony talks, I’m beginning to think he’s a risk worth taking—but is Josh just a little too good to be true?

USA Today bestselling author Melanie Jacobson returns with this witty romcom that delivers plenty of sizzle without the spice.

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