Beyond Dreams by Rebecca Ruger (ePUB)

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Beyond Dreams by Rebecca Ruger (ePUB)

Holly Wright has been dreaming of the same man for years—and frankly, he might be the reason she’s still single; no one can compare to the hot-bodied man of her dreams. Second only to her secret devotion to her fantasy guy is her love of Scotland. She’s on her third trip now, with a fairly tight schedule, wanting to squeeze as much as she can into the next ten days. Falling through time and being forced to wed are not on her itinerary!
Duncan MacQuillan has been reared to lead by example. Thus, he has no qualms about arranging a marriage between himself and his enemy’s daughter if it will achieve peace in the Highlands. While he is stirred by the beauty of his bride as she appears at the altar, he is provoked by some wispy memory of her that says she is not quite who she pretends to be.
Holly is beyond stunned to find that her intended groom is the very man from her fantasies, but she has no plans to speak her astounding time-traveling truth to him lest he leave her at the altar. He’s impossibly fierce and more than a little intimidating but she believes him safer than the creeps pawning her off as their daughter and sister.
When Duncan begins to believe a great deceit was perpetrated on their wedding day, he holds Holly accountable for the actions of his enemy, rejecting the unwanted and uncontrollable fascination with his new bride. Soon, he will be forced to choose between a love destined by time and the peace he’s fought for years to accomplish.

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