Bidding on Noelle ePUB by Ember Davis


Bidding on Noelle ePUB by Ember Davis
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Ember Davis
November 16, 2022
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Bidding on Noelle ePUB by Ember Davis

There are a few things I’m a sucker for—charity and being able to put my organizational skills to the test. This year I’m going to be able to check both off my list by donating my services a charity auction. I’m happy to do it and help kick off Denver’s newest charity event.

It used to be that my rigid personality was a hindrance. I never made friends easily and when I did, it didn’t last long. No one wants to stick around when they think you don’t know how to have fun. It’s not my fault my kind of fun involves color coding and putting things in their proper place. Thankfully, I turned my personality into a career.

When the man who hits on me before I even get a glass of champagne at the charity auction is the same one who ends up winning the bid, I don’t think he has organization on the mind. Callum is clearly not the type to keep anything in order. It’s scary, but would it be so bad if I loosened up a little? Maybe he’s just the guy to show me how.

Christmas is the time for joy, lights, and all things warm and fuzzy. It’s always been my favorite season and this year is no different. People smile more and there are so many decorations; what’s not to like?

When I meet Noelle at a charity event that friends of mine are hosting, I know she’s the present I’m supposed to unwrap every holiday season for the rest of my life. Settling down wasn’t something I ever considered, but that was before. I know she’s going to make me fight for it and prove myself, but I’ve never been one to run from a challenge. Hopefully the magic of the season is on my side.

She’s all buttoned up and looks at life in black and white. I’m going to show her there’s a whole lot of fun to have when things don’t line up perfectly and you take chances. The first step in winning her heart is winning the auction to get some of her time. Then, I’ll make her mine. Merry Christmas to me.

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