Blood and Sand ePUB by Courtney Dean


Blood and Sand ePUB by Courtney Dean
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Courtney Dean
November 11, 2022
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Blood and Sand ePUB by Courtney Dean

After the bodies of several missing women are found alongside a desolate highway floating in a Louisiana bayou, Homicide Detective Rey LaCroix is assigned to the case. Their disappearances hadn’t garnered attention until their remains were discovered in Detective Rey LaCroix’s parish in the span of eight months, over fifty miles from the women’s hometowns.
After Detective LaCroix determines the cases are linked, he knows a serial killer is dumping bodies in his parish. Under the guise of not inciting fear in the community, his superiors have forced him to keep the murders under wraps. However, Detective LaCroix decides that if he doesn’t do something, more bodies will continue to turn up in Laurels Bayou and an elusive killer will remain on the loose. Regardless of his superior’s order, he turns to the one person he’d hoped to purge from his system—his ex-wife, FBI Behavioral Analyst, Dr. Dana LaCroix.

Never did Dr. Dana LaCroix expect to hear from her ex-husband after their relationship ended in divorce. Despite being divorced for three years, Rey LaCroix still has a special place in Dana’s heart. He is the only man Dana has loved, and no matter how hard she’s tried, Rey still holds that place in her heart. Now the one man she’d hoped would love her for eternity comes to her for help with what should be a high-profile case, but Rey pleads for Dana’s help without using the full force of the FBI behind her.

Can these two strong-minded, opinionated individuals work together despite their past to find a serial killer before he finds his next victim, while also navigating feelings that never subsided? No one expected this killer would hit so close to home.

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