Blossom in Shadows ePUB by Ember Davis


Blossom in Shadows ePUB by Ember Davis
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Ember Davis
December 2, 2022
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Blossom in Shadows ePUB by Ember Davis

In my pain, I have found darkness. When I am at my lowest, I find him. He is all darkness, a place where light doesn’t dare to touch. How can he bring me so much warmth when all I have known is cold for so long? I want him as my savior, but he tastes like sin on my tongue.

Being separated from what I love the most due to my body’s own betrayal has broken something inside of me. Dance used to be a way for me to feel the rays of the sun on my face, to feel free. Ballet is no longer an option, but I haven’t made my peace with the loss.

When searching for another way to dance and leave the shadows, that’s when I find him. Elio won’t let me go, but I don’t want him to. He is not a man who heals. He is a man who kills. Then how does he manage to bring my broken pieces back together? Is he mending me just to break me again?

Filling in for my brother at his club brings me a woman whose cracked soul calls to mine. She is shrouded in darkness and shadow, things I intimately understand. The pain in her eyes makes me yearn to cradle her against me and fix her.

Zinnia is the light I need in my life, the one ray of undiluted joy that could banish the demons inside of me while also freeing her from the darkness of her sadness. She calls to me—a song on the wind that caresses the movements of her body. Wanting her, having her, could bring me happiness or it could bring death to us all.

How can I hold her when the blood on my hands never dries? What new dangers would she come to know by being in my life? Can I help her to blossom and keep her safe? It doesn’t matter because I’m never letting her go and those who defy me, who would dare to punish her for my sins? They will know the shadows of the underworld because of my hands.

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