Bonded Queen by Corin Cain (ePUB)

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Bonded Queen by Corin Cain (ePUB)

The alien warlord triad has one obsession. Tame the planet. Put me on the throne… and sire their crown princes

Ra’al. Orr. Kriz. Three enormous beast of men who command a legion of Aurelians, the huge, marble-skinned aliens who exist to find their Fated Mate and tame her. They were built for war. Kings through conquest, they stamp down all resistance without mercy.

They tell me they will build me a palace. It would only be a cage. But because I took up a rifle and defended the other servants when our planet was under attack, by the laws of their species, I am a free woman…

Unless I trade myself willingly to them. Unless I sacrifice myself to save the life of another by dooming myself to captivity in the hands of the brutal warlords.

But if I give myself to the three warlords who are kings of a conquered planet, I’ll lose more than just my freedom. They believe I am their Fated Mate, and if that is true, they will Bond me to them for eternity and never let me go. The dark link between a human woman and an Aurelian warrior changes you. It brings out all your darkest, deepest desires, and when I am alone in a room with the three huge men, I’m terrified by what they make me ache for.

While Bonded Queen is best read as part of the series, it can also be enjoyed as a standalone romance. Over seventy million pages read in the Aurelian Empire – Take a look inside because you will get a feel for the writing style of this sci fi alien warrior romance!

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