Bones ePUB by Aria Ray


Bones ePUB by Aria Ray
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November 3, 2022
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Bones ePUB by Aria Ray

When your stalker just won’t quit, and the hot biker assigned to be your protector only sees you as his best friend’s little sister…

A crazed stalker could be the worst of my problems.

But then my brother, Hash, sends me on the run with the only man he trusts with protecting me – Bones.

Tough, tatted-up, ripped and irresistible, he’s the man I’ve been lusting after forever.
But to him, I’m forbidden fruit.

Being stuck together with the man of my dreams could be the ideal opportunity to show him that I’m no longer a little girl, but a woman worthy of his attention.

When he looks at me, I want to see his face lit up with desire, not a gentle teasing smile.

But his loyalty to my brother and the nightmares of his past have made Bones put up an icy wall around his heart.

And I’m determined to find a way to melt it and banish the demons that chase him.

That is, if my lunatic stalker doesn’t get to me first.

Because danger follows us wherever we go.

Can we stamp it out before it’s too late?

And when it’s all over, will we be able to look past the taboos and dark secrets, or will that be the end of the road for us?