Eight of a Kind ePUB by Sandi Lynn


Eight of a Kind ePUB by Sandi Lynn
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Sandi Lynn
November 4, 2022
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Eight of a Kind ePUB by Sandi Lynn

It was incredible how one single action could change the balance of a person’s life within seconds.


I was an artist and one of the best plastic surgeons in Los Angeles. My business was thriving, and helping people was my specialty. Growing up, I’d endured a lot of pain where my mother was concerned. After she passed away, I still carried that pain and resentment into adulthood.

My brothers and cousins were in strong, fulfilled relationships, and I was happy for them. But it wasn’t something I envied or was looking for. I went from meaningless-to-meaningless relationships over the years. My career was too important to me and the only thing I had time for in my life and cared about. That all changed the day Mrs. Rhodes walked into the conference room where my brothers and I were in a meeting. She delivered some news to me that turned my entire world upside down. My life wasn’t just about me anymore, and I didn’t know what to do. How could I be the person Ella needed me to be when I’d sealed off the part of me that longed to be loved?


I’d met Dr. Nathan Kind on a few occasions. Once, I was put in the wrong room at the medical center, another time at the grocery store, and again when he brought his six-year-old daughter to my dance class.

He was sexy and charming and had the attention of every mom who brought their children to dance. He flirted, I flirted, and one night of passion consumed us. We were two people whose lives had changed in an instant. He’d just found out he had a daughter, and I had ended the career I was born for. I’d found love for the first time in my life, and he was running from it.

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