Born Wicked by Keary Taylor (ePUB)


Born Wicked by Keary Taylor (ePUB)
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Keary Taylor
January 22, 2023
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My life has never been simple or easy, but now it’s gone completely haywire. I severely underestimated how much Sebastian was juggling, and now that he’s gone missing, it’s all landing on my shoulders. The hospital, the blood trade, and a position on the council—they’re all mine now, whether I’m ready for them or not.
Things get infinitely more complicated when the Superintendent of Police launches an investigation into Sebastian’s disappearance, and I’m her primary suspect. She thinks I killed Sebastian so I could take everything I now have.
Even more? She fully believes Roman and I were having an affair, and we offed him so we could be together. And it’s getting near impossible to convince anyone any different. Relationships change. The person I once feared most in this city is now the one I trust most. How many times can you save someone’s life before everyone thinks you’re in love with him? How many times until you start to question if the rumor is that far from the truth?
I have a ward full of comatose vampires who are relying on me to find a way to wake them up. The entire supernatural population of Chicago is at risk. I do not have time to land in jail. This wicked heart of mine needs to stop making my life so complicated.

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