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Joseph Selbie
August 6, 2022
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Download Break Through the Limits of the Brain Free ePUB & PDF by Joseph Selbie

“A user’s manual for superheroes. Joseph Selbie’s well written trifecta provides (1) an inspiring collection of stories about real-life super abilities, (2) a rational, scientific framework for understanding how these abilities are possible, and (3) practices to help you achieve your superconscious potentials. An exhilarating read.” —Dean Radin PhD, Chief Scientist, Institute of Noetic Sciences and author of Real Magic

A life-changing guide to understanding your mind and how to change it—for good.

Break Through the Limits of the Brain connects the dots between the discoveries of neuroscience and the meditation-born spiritual experience, as well as offering proven and practical ways to tap into the life-changing, life-enhancing treasure house of our superconscious potential.

The book debunks scientific materialism’s brain-based explanation for consciousness and intelligence—including the brain-as-supercomputer and artificial intelligence models—and explains instead the view of many prominent and open-minded scientists that an all-pervading intelligent consciousness is the foundation of reality—an age-old view shared by saints, sages, mystics, and near-death experiences.

Selbie explores the current neuroscientific understanding of the brain’s dismaying degree of life-controlling influence on our thoughts, emotions, and behavior, and balances that understanding with neuroscience’s discoveries of neuroplasticity and our innate ability to rewire the brain for any new purpose—from the material to the mystical.

Break Through the Limits of the Brain delves into the scientific support for the existence of a subtle, nonlocal reality that strongly suggests that we exist simultaneously in both a subtle and a physical reality—and that our thoughts, life force, emotions, and memories originate nonlocally.

Meditation is a central theme of the book—what it is; how to do it; why it works; its physical, mental, and emotional benefits as measured by neuroscientists; and how it rewires the brain for superconscious awareness.

The book offers proven practices for bringing superconscious awareness into one’s life for success, energy, health, peace of mind, and happiness.

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