Breeding with Bigfoot by Siggy Shade (Epub)

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Breeding with Bigfoot by Siggy Shade (Epub)

I didn’t set out to be Bigfoot’s captive, pregnant mate. But here I am…

When my boyfriend suggested a romantic camping trip, I was game.

Then I found out he’d dragged me into the woods to tell me about the friends-with-benefits arrangement he had with Bigfoot. And that he wanted me to…participate.

I should’ve left on the spot. But I didn’t.

I was curious. And Bigfoot was strangely hot. So, I went for it. What happens in the woods, stays in the woods, right?


Turns out, what had to stay in the woods was me. Because my ex abandoned me around the same time I realized I was pregnant. Then I learned the only way to survive carrying Bigfoot’s baby is to have regular infusions of his, um, “special milk.”

So, I’ll stay in the magical forest to protect my baby—and my surprisingly sweet, supernatural baby daddy. For now.

But after this kid is born, I’ll have some big, hairy decisions to make…

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