Broken By The Bad Boy by Maramartha (ePUB)

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Broken By The Bad Boy by Maramartha (ePUB)

It’s the beginning of the new year, and Tessa’s plans for the new session have gone to smoke. Stay low-key? Fail. Avoid Benjamin Carter? Double fail. Keep to herself? Triple fail.

The only thing she has managed to do is check some items from her bucket list, and one of them includes dating Broadway Heights’ infamous bad boy, Benjamin Carter.

But a relationship with the school’s hottest male comes at a price.

A price as big as…

The year is almost over. Like Tessa, Ben’s plans to stay low-key have gone up in flames. All his attempts to avoid drama go south when he’s cast as the love interest in the school’s play with the girl he bullied.

Sparks should fly between these two main leads, but what happens when these sparks also fly outside drama club? With the two navigating their relationships and his haunting past always hovering around them, how long until their bubble bursts?

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