Brother Wolf of Piston ePUB by T. S. Joyce


Brother Wolf of Piston ePUB by T. S. Joyce
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T. S. Joyce
November 3, 2022
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Brother Wolf of Piston ePUB by T. S. Joyce

Vander is being pushed into a position of power in his new Pack, and he’s not ready. The Zombie Wolf has taken over as Alpha of the Piston Mountain Pack, and the monster is trying to drag him up to Second, but Vander has never been motivated to rise to power…until now. There is a new female on the outskirts of the Pack, and he is tasked with protecting her. Shae Lynn doesn’t feel like such a disruption to his life as he gets to know her, and slowly, the Second-in-the-Pack position is looking more and more tempting. Pieces are moving, but there is a storm brewing around the Pack that no one knows how to stop. When Shae Lynn starts to realize what is actually happening, it’s much too late to stop it.

Shae Lynn is a curvy beauty with natural protective instincts that come with the rare shifter animal she possesses. She’s meeting the Piston Mountain Pack for the first time, but she can sense immediately that something is weighing heavily on these werewolves. It’s none of her business, and she should stay out of it, but the problem lies with Vander. The new Second of the Pack is like a magnet for her animal, and she’s having trouble staying away. She has no idea what she’s in for as she realizes a dark sickness is taking over the Wolves of Piston. Step away and let Fate do what Fate wants to do, or lock her legs against the storm and protect the crippled Pack—these are her two options, and one of them could end her entire life as she knows it.

Werewolves, witches, and ghosts…don’t miss this second installment in T. S. Joyce’s brand-new Wolves of Piston series, where nothing ever was, or ever will be, what it seems.

Content Warning: love scenes, naughty language, and piles of shifter secrets. This series is establishing territory lines for a new Pack. If you aren’t up for wolf fights, this won’t be your jam, but if you’re up for action-adventure love stories with a side of werewolf growly-growly-fight-fights, this one’s for you.