Burning Chance by Demi Warrik (ePUB)

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Burning Chance by Demi Warrik (ePUB)

My name is Rue Delacroix, and my life went to hell in a handbasket faster than you can say destiny sucks. Starting with getting bit by a feral vampire, which is a death sentence for a witch. Thankfully, three dashing wolf shifters jump in and save my life.

Turns out there’s something special about my blood and it cures feral vampires. Yeah. Once that cats out of the bag? Everyone will want to use me or kill me.

Good thing I have those three shifters hell-bent on protecting me, right?

I’ve also managed to capture the eye of the notorious vampire leader. I shouldn’t want him—not when I’m nothing more than an irresistible blood bag to his kind. But I’m drawn to him all the same.

Will we be able to stop the feral fangs from tearing me apart? Or am I doomed to spill every last drop of my blood?

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