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Candy Girlfriend Free Download by CATCAN Games Full Windows
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July 9, 2022
Windows 7 or higher
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Candy Girlfriend Free Download by CATCAN Games

This is a turn-based combat casual strategy game with classic match-3 gameplay and character development. Players can attack enemies by eliminating candies, the more eliminations, the stronger the attack. After defeating the enemy, you will get the corresponding gold coins and experience rewards, and of course, you will also unlock the corresponding beautiful and beautiful CGs~ When encountering difficult enemies, you can go to the store and use the gold coins you get to strengthen yourself, regardless of victory. If you fail, you will get the corresponding experience points according to your performance in the level. The experience points can be used to upgrade the character’s level, increase the character’s attributes, and make yourself stronger ~ and then face all kinds of beautiful girl enemies, Let’s have a hearty and passionate battle! !

The enemy has a fixed countdown of action rounds. After the countdown is over, they will attack the player. Players need to defeat the enemy before the hp is reduced to 0. Otherwise, the level will fail. You can buy attributes on the store page, or you can fight repeatedly to gain experience to improve your character. grade. After passing the level, you can unlock the exquisite CG picture of the corresponding character in the gallery.


1) Download the ZIP File

2) Extract it and run the game application main EXE file

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Bring an update of the visual novel banana ranch came out the first route if you can for android thanks (: