Caught By The Dark by Alexa Michaels (Epub)

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Caught By The Dark by Alexa Michaels (Epub)

They came for me in the night. Fearsome creatures, taking me from my bedroom and whisking me away deep into the swamp where I won’t be found.
What my family doesn’t know—what they mustn’t know!—is that I’ve gone willingly.

At Blackwater Manor, there is only one rule: Stay indoors after sunset—no matter what noises you hear.
A single encounter with the cursed beast that comes out to play after dark would leave me pulverized like the deer who are foolish enough to cross the property line. Or so he tells me.
Of course, I’m not always the best listener.
Especially when I see myself out there. It would be ungrateful to ignore Fate’s visions. I’m psychic after all, and not listening to others while doing my own thing is what I do best.

But he doesn’t like it when I argue about his rule, and he’s keeping secrets. How can I get him to understand that meeting the beast is the only way to help him if he won’t open up to me and listen?

A spicy, gothic tale, this stand-alone monster romance raises the question: what prowls through the shadows?
If you like tragic, angsty heroes, smart, strong, and sassy leading-ladies, and an enemies-to-loves romance, then grab a copy and escape into the dark with Caught By The Dark today!

**This paranormal monster romance is chronologically third in the Monsters In Moonlight series, but it can be read as a stand-alone.
***Author’s note: this book may not be suitable for everyone in terms of content, language, and passionate happily ever afters!

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