Champagne Charade ePUB by Leighton Greene


Champagne Charade ePUB by Leighton Greene
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Leighton Greene
December 29, 2022
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Champagne Charade ePUB by Leighton Greene

It was supposed to be fun – but things are getting too real, too fast.
After I got dumped, I never got around to telling my best friend. Why relive the pain? But his New Year’s Eve wedding is coming up soon, and I also never got around to removing my ex from the guest list.

Cue my current hookup and Dom-on-demand, Damon, joking that he could stand in as my ex. A fake name, a fake relationship…

It’s a terrible idea. Of course I’m not going to do it.

But when I run into my best friend unexpectedly, I can’t bring myself to interrupt his dream wedding, and the little white lie just…

Slips out.

It’s only for the wedding. Only for New Year’s Eve. One little charade…

I know Damon isn’t interested in anything real. I know all those kisses and hugs are just for show. But I still can’t help falling under his spell.

I have to remember: after the wedding – and the year – is over, so is our fake relationship.

The clock is ticking down…

But what if our charade isn’t just an act?

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