Champagne Venom by Nicole Fox (ePUB)

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Champagne Venom by Nicole Fox (ePUB)

I spent the night with a stranger…
Who got me pregnant…
And turned out to be my boss…
Whoops, sorry, did I say “boss”? I meant a MOB boss.

To be fair, I didn’t know he was my boss when I slept with him.
I thought he was just the kind stranger offering me a place to stay.
But one night in Misha Orlov’s hotel room got me way more than I bargained for.

It got me champagne that tasted like starlight.
Satin sheets as soft as a dream.
And a man with silver eyes who showed me how it felt to come undone.

And then, in the morning…
He was gone.

That’s fine: I needed to get my life together anyway.
After all, my ex-not-quite-husband (it’s a long story) just emptied all our bank accounts and disappeared, taking my home and my money and my job with him.
So I’m starting from a blank slate.

I find myself a new apartment.
A new job.
And I put both Misha and my husband behind me.

At least, I thought I did.
Until Day 1 of orientation.
When I learn that Misha Orlov is my new boss.

That’s bad enough.
What’s worse is what came next.
A car crash.
A doctor’s appointment.
And two pieces of unsettling news.

Congratulations, the doctor says. You’re pregnant.
Congratulations, Misha says. You and I are getting married.

CHAMPAGNE VENOM is Book One of the Orlov Bratva duet. Misha and Paige’s story concludes in Book 2, CHAMPAGNE WRATH.

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