Chapters Interactive Stories MOD APK 6.3.6 (Unlimited Tickets)


Download Chapters: Interactive Stories MOD APK free on Android with unlimited tickets and diamonds.
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4.6/5 Votes: 439,336
Crazy Maple Studio Dev
Aug 21, 2022
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Chapters is a popular game with many interactive stories to read. You will be able to read stories in all genres, but it is popular for its romance stories, read chapters and make your own choices. Customize your characters and play as the leading role in all stories, the stories will depend on you and the choices you make will give you a different outcome, that means you can play the same stories and make different choices to find out multiple endings. The game currently has more than 30 stories to read. You can make free and premium choices, premium ones cost diamonds, there are many ways to earn them for free in the game or purchase them from the store. Overall a fun game with interesting stories to read.

Mod Features

You can read chapters without needing tickets.

Premium choices DO NOT work.

Make sure mod menu permission is given.

30 comments on "Chapters Interactive Stories MOD APK 6.3.6 (Unlimited Tickets)"

  1. ailee says:

    Update 6.3.7 please

  2. X_X says:

    um can u make free premium choices for this

  3. pinkhaze says:

    Hi, I know you said that premium choices do not work and that has been the case for many of the mods out there for this particular game. However, I want to ask a question. I have not been able to get an answer anywhere else, and I figured that you would know because you are good at modding these games. I have seen some mods where the tickets are being frozen. Is it possible to do that with your diamond amount?

    • Bot FileDB says:

      Hello, the diamonds in the game seems to have a server check, so when you try to use them it first verifies with their server if the user has enough or not. So that makes it very hard to mod the diamonds , same with premium choices it verifies first if the users has actually bought it or not.

      • pinkhaze says:

        Thank you so much for getting back to me and explaining it so thoroughly. I appreciate your work. Thanks again!

  4. Ksunya0507 says:

    Update please 6.3.6

  5. Ksunya0507 says:

    Update please 6.3.4

  6. ailee says:

    Please update 6.3.4
    Couldn’t play chapters anymore

  7. Ryan says:

    can u make free premium choice mod menu

  8. sweety says:

    Can you make the gems in this chapter unlimited

  9. K4sum1 says:

    Hello, is it possible to mod unlimited diamonds in those two games?

  10. Legando says:

    Can you please mod this game for free choices or unlimited donuts?

  11. meroko339 says:

    I’m confused after extracting the zip where do I put everything cause there’s a lot more than just the APK and obb file

    • Bot FileDB says:

      The game is an apk file not zip. try downloading using firefox, or rename the zip file .apk ,it should end with .apk then try to install

    • TheCuriosityofSelf28 says:

      I wanted to ask you can you make a mod apk for the games maybe interactive stories and novels choose your story

  12. Vivian says:

    can u please put unlimited diamond and unlimited tickets for Chapters?? please… i waited it for 2 years strsight but nothing works for other website….

  13. Fleckx says:

    Hi can you mod this game and make it completely free

  14. sweety says:

    Can you make unlimited gems for this chapter interactive story

  15. SaberOfTheSouth says:

    Hopefully someday unlimited Diamonds or Free Premium Choices will available. 🙂 be positive!

  16. sweety says:

    Can you create unlimited gems for this chapter interactive story

  17. meimeichim says:

    Alguém sabe a senha?

  18. beidoulogist says:

  19. luana says:

    Can you please make for unlimited diamonds I just wanting this

  20. Rosie says:

    Can you do one with unlimited diamonds or not have to pay for premium choices?

  21. Klaudia says:

    Czy możesz zaktualizować grę love story na wersie v2.01

  22. YulikaZhdan says:

    maybe there is some way to cheat on diamonds? For example, more diamonds will be added for viewing ads. Previously, luckypatcher added coins when buying any product, and then they can be converted into diamonds. However, they fixed it.

  23. Strawberry Cake says:

    Can you mod this game make it become free premium choices? and also this and pls update whispers interactive story to version

    Hello, can you modify this game? I need it so much please reply me

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