Charmed By the Pisces by Lisa Freed (ePUB)

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Charmed By the Pisces by Lisa Freed (ePUB)


Time and time again I put my trust in someone, only to be let down. My best friend and business partner took off, leaving behind an unexpected surprise, his sweet little sister. Pisces love fast and hard and one look into those big brown eyes and all I can think about is charming my way into her bed. I thought that would be enough, but now I need to convince her that nothing less than forever is what I want.


In true Cancer fashion, when my world comes crashing I want to hide away from my problems, so I turn to the only man I can depend on, my big brother. Except when I get to his house I find not him, but a gorgeous older man. All my life I’ve yearned for a place to belong and in Jackson’s arms I find everything I crave, but I’m afraid to trust that what’s between us is true.

Can this charming Pisces claim the woman that’s meant to be his, or will the cautious Cancer stay locked up in her shell?

Guided by the stars, these signs see the world through sensual eyes and animalistic desire. They’ve been known to rescue, stalk, discipline, and claim their perfect match. If you like billionaires, bad boys, mountain men, and more, you’ll find out who you’re most compatible with in 2023.

Spicy Astrology—a steamy romance collaboration featuring the signs of love

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