Chasing A Starlight by Tamisha Kuenee (ePUB)

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Chasing A Starlight by Tamisha Kuenee (ePUB)

After her father’s passing, Soleil moved to the fancy house in the suburbs that he left her. She called it the perfect parting gift. With a fully paid house and less bills on her shoulders, it’d be easier to focus on her career.

What she did not expect to come with the house was the grumpy man who lived next door.

After countless failed attempts to talk to him, Soleil figured it was best to stay on her side of the yard. But when a storm strikes, the last place Soleil thought she’d seek shelter was at his place. The last person she thought would be so thoughtful and tender towards her was him.

He’s a good catholic. He swears to behave.
A fine line has been blurred, one that was never truly there. And temptation would be the death of him, even it temptation was a young woman with legs for days.

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