Chasing Chaos by Annie Miller (ePUB)

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Chasing Chaos by Annie Miller (ePUB)

A widower with trust issues and a hacker without boundaries. A match made in heaven… Not!

Former MI5 analyst, Ryan Butler, had followed the rules his entire life. He served his country, loved his family, and kept his mouth shut when he stumbled upon a biochemical weapon hidden at his father’s house. Everything in his life changed when his wife was murdered and the only suspect was the father he’d lost trust in.

Then in walks in Chaos.

Daisy Chambers has one rule that she lives by… have no regrets. So when her hacking identity, Chaos, had been leaked, she had no other option but to go legit and work for ALIAS in their England location. It won’t be too bad, she told herself. She could play by the rules… until she meets her new boss.

Together Ryan and Chaos team up to find who is responsible for his wife’s death and who is trying to steal the vials of toxins he’d secured.

Only they discover more than they were prepared for.

All Ryan knows is that no one has affected him as much as Chaos has. He’d do anything, including chasing after her, to have her in his future.

Only, chaos beget chaos, or so it would seem, as Chaos runs from the truth and who she wants to be.

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