Cherry Picking ePUB by Lexy Timms


Cherry Picking ePUB by Lexy Timms
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Lexy Timms
January 3, 2023
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Cherry Picking ePUB by Lexy Timms

“You’re afraid, like I make my deals with the devil…”

Tasha doesn’t exactly hate her roommate; it’s not his fault his girlfriend dumps him and left his name on their lease before she took off. Tasha just hates the fact that he’s a scholarship hockey player—entitled, good-looking, and movie-maker kind of mysterious.

When they wind up in a dance class together that she takes thinking it will be an easy A, until she realizes she has to create a dance routine to present to the incredibly strict and hard-marking professor. With a partner.

Tasha doesn’t expect Linc (who’s chain link tattoo on his arm hints at his name) to be good at anything off the ice, but he knows how to heat things up on the dance floor…

The more she gets to know Linc, the more she sees he’s not as typical as she assumed. Instead, he may be just the right person to show her how to stop taking life so seriously.

Dancing in the Cold Series

Cherry Picking
Light the Lamp
Shutdown Player

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