Choices Stories You Play MOD APK (Free Premium Choices)


Developed by Pixelberry Choices: Stories You Play is one of those games which make you lose track of time once you start playing.
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4.4/5 Votes: 1,422,169
July 7, 2022
5.0 and up
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The classic once-upon-a-time romance story takes you on a whole new journey where you experience many emotions as you play. It is all about the big and small choices you make that shape your story.

It starts in the kingdom of Cordonia where you are invited by the price. So, you give yourself a presentable look and go ahead. There you meet quite hospitable young girls Hana and Olivia. Soon your prince arrives. Here you can customize your prince. Give him the look you want and a nice name then you are good to go.

As you move along you meet more characters that are equally important and play exciting parts in your story. In a later chapter, you unfold the mysteries of the characters as well which never let you put your phone down. You go through many stories with the same leading characters yet the others keep changing as well as the locations. This keeps the excitement of the stories on.

Mod Features

1) Free Premium Choices (You can make choices even if you do not have enough diamonds, it will not work with tutorial premium outfits)

2) No Bans

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Can you try modding this game?
Mod request: Free reward after spinning the gold wheel/Double, triple or more (10x) rewards getting after watching ads.
Since the game currency like coins and game is server sided, I just want to ask is there any way to mod the game with seeing all the roles feature? Or you can mod unlimited rose if it is possible, tysm.
Game link:


it doesn’t work is it possible to fix the problem?

in case if the link can’t be opend when i enter the game it says
we’re having trouble making connection with our service

Last edited 8 months ago by TheDuck

i know and i appreciate your hard work

but do you know any way to fix this problem?

Nisa An

Hey, after downloading the new version I can’t login 😭 I already delete my official Facebook and used the pop up login but it keeps getting back to choices without logging in, help~

Nisa An

Wait nevermind, sorry πŸ™
I tried to reinstall the game and it work perfectly πŸ˜…
Thank you for your hard work 😍




Can you mod this game
maybe: Interactive Stories


Pls update the mod. It keeps asking to update the app and isn’t opening without it.


Can you do VIP choices


Hello! Thank you for the mod!! I was wondering if you could also mod other Pixelberry’s game like;

High school story

Hollywood U

Thank you very much!


Hello, I keep getting the mod error message when I try login to game. I tried the troubleshooting steps but it doesn’t work. Maybe there is something wrong with the server?


You’re so fast, thanks!


Problem is fixed now thank you!


Can you mod this game
maybe: Interactive Stories


It used to be great! But now we have to pay for premium outfits in the beginning and it’s not fair for people who are just starting out.


Hello, I keep getting the mod error message when I try login to game. I tried the troubleshooting steps but it doesn’t work. :(( Is something wrong with the server?


It used to be amazing but now we have to pay for clothing and hair at the beginning of the chapter and it’s inconvenient for people just starting out with this mod


Thank you for the mod! It’s working perfectly